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Holistic 360ยบ coaching and practice
Psychology, Putting, Swing, Technology, Custom Fitting and Repairs, Fitness and Nutrition

Holistic Golf

A golfers development and improvement is never just one factor. If a golfer of any level is serious about improving their game then they need to be aware of all the contributing elements and just as importantly how they all link together. The golf swing has been most players focus in the past 20 years (maybe due to facilities) but even if swing was the key what about the factors that have influence: your clubs, fitness, range of motion, nutrition, and most important the driver of any movement the mind. If you work on one area and neglect the others you could be heading up a blind alley.

The most important factor of all in development is practice and the quality of your practice. This of course is driven by the knowledge and information you have on your golf game, but the biggest influence is the facility that you use. So if you are serious about your golf game understand every area of your game, equipment and body then back it up by going to a facility that provides the settings you need.

Golfing Mind

Golf is a mental game at so many levels, but fundamentally it is simply about controlling attention and distraction – is your attention on something useful or harmful? Just think about that for a moment, where is your attention when you are on the first tee or faced with a five foot putt to win the hole?

The whole layout of the centre, practice facilities and practice targets are designed to help you control your attention or at the very least become aware of your attention and the distractions that occur. Andrew also provides specific training in understanding how the mind is working and where it would be useful to have your attention, as with Pompetch this training is developed by mentoring with Europe’s leading Mind Coach – Karl Morris – and then put into action with some of Thailand’s leading players.

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Putting makes up between 1/3 to 1/2 of all the shots we play on the golf course and whilst recent studies may have shown experts in the past gave too much baring to this skill there is no doubt it still plays a vital role and is under estimated in its importance.

Not with us! In Pompetch we have one of Asia’s leading putting experts who has honed his coaching skills in putting by mentoring with Europe’s leading putting coach – Phil Kenyon – and then put it into practice with Thailand’s leading players.

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The golf swing is with out doubt one of the most over analysed sporting movements and one that divides opinion at every level. There are swing theories for everyone to swing the same way, there are opinions about where every part of the body or club should be at every stage of the swing and there is more information in the form of books, magazine articles, TV programs, video’s and now online information and video’s than any golfer could ever dream of trying to incorporate.

We want to keep this simple, our philosophy is to find an individual swing for every player that allows them to control the golf ball. We don’t have a swing theory, we don’t have a swing method, we simply try to work out what each golfer needs to be able to control the ball to the level they need to reach the score of their goal.

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Technology in golf has taken the game forward far beyond what could have been imagined 30 years ago when Phil Rixon first started using video camera’s to record swings for analysis. We now have radar systems that monitor the club at impact and ball flight, video can be shot at 30 frames per second with hi-tec analysis in super slow mo on your phone! There are force platforms and 3D motion machines to monitor bio mechanics and much much more besides – but a word of caution this technology is their to support your development not play the starring role!

We boast a every strong line up of technology to support our work with students or just for you to play and get some feedback on your game: TrackMan; SAM putt; K-Vest; Force Platform; Video Analysis

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Custom Fitting

A bad workman always blames his tools! Maybe but if you don’t have the correct tools for the job you are making a hard game even harder.

A golf club has several components and there are many variations of how each of those components will react, simply put if all the components match your swing then your swing will feel natural. If any of the components are out you will feel like you are having a fight with the golf club just to hit the ball.

We have a full Henry Griffits fitting cart to get the matches you need and we also work closely with major manufacturers to fit to their specific clubs when required. We also have a full repairs workshop to make any alterations your clubs need

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Fitness and Nutrition

Whilst technology maybe the face of golf development over the last 30 years, in the background the real driver to a change in golfers attitude is fitness and nutrition. This will simply under pin a players ability to make the movements they want, whether that is from a flexibility and strength requirement for a movement or the energy to keep fuelling the brain and muscles through out a practice session and of course 18 holes to keep performing those movements you want to happen.

We are not fitness experts, however we have a good understanding of the body and what is required. But we do have a team of experts that we recommend and work with us from doctors to fitness and strengthening coaches.

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