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Serious about your development

At SINGHA Elite Golf Performance Centre, our focus is not so much on the level of the player but how serious they are about wanting to improve their game or about wanting to learn to play. If you are serious about wanting to improve your game, your scoring and most importantly your enjoyment of golf then we have a coaching experience for you. However you must remember that the largest part of your development is down to you, how you interact with the information and the training, then how you practice and apply it – that is why you have to be serious, we have no magic cures.

Tour Pro Coaching

Working closely with SINGHA and SMG the main focus for our Director’s of Coaching is to work with their Tour Players, this is the Flagship of what we do at SINGHA Elite Golf Performance Centre and are proud to work with or be associated with so many top professional’s.

We have several programs for Tour Pro’s from full-time contracts, annual retainers to monitor performance and develop training plans, specialist putting or mind work and simple hourly consultation. We are happy to work alongside your main coach to provide support in any area.

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Packages and Program’s

Sometimes the cure lies in a simple tip, one quick thing and the game appears to become easy! If only it was always like that. However for most development is an ongoing process that needs a planned and consistent approach to what is being developed and how you practice.

If you are truly serious about your development our Directors of Coaching have created a range of programs specifically for you. Platinum, Gold and Silver with a beginners program to be added. All over 3 months they included one to one instruction, playing lessons and the key element supervised practice.

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Hourly Private Lessons

The traditional way golf has been taught and still how many golfers and beginners feel comfortable taking their golf lessons. If you are looking for some short and simple advice or want to string a serious of lessons together our coaching professionals will provide you with the solution.

Also in our hourly line up is custom fitting and our technology session where you spend 2 hours getting tested on golfs latest technology with expert analysis and understanding from our staff.

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Group’s and Clinic’s

The group environment can provide the perfect way for some to learn and improve. Maybe it is your own private group, a work group or a beginners group the support of others, the camaraderie and the fun competitive edge can all prove important ingredients in learning, not to mention the financial benefits.

Remember development is not all about the information and tuition you receive much more of the development process is in how you react to what you receive and quite often this makes the group environment much more conducive to development.

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Elite Juniors

Junior development is a specialist area, especially if a junior has the desire to one day become a tournament professional and earn their by playing golf.

Dreams, motivation, desire and discipline are what will carry a young golfer through to the top and of course a love of playing the game. There is a balance required between personal one to one lesson time to develop the technique group practice and play time to develop the competitive edge. Our Elite Junior programs are designed specifically to give that balance with classes at different levels for players to progress through

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Juniors and Beginners

Golf is a unique game and one that prides itself on its integrity and honesty. It’s uniqueness means it provides opportunities not only to develop as a golfer but overall as a person where you can learn skills transferable to all walks of life.

This is why it is so appealing for many parents to want their children to learn to play from a young age as many companies specialising in the junior beginner equipment have called “Skills for Life”. We too take this idea seriously and therefore have programs for juniors to get them started and take the transition from learning the skills to playing the game. We use the revolutionary SNAG system and then get the transition from beginner to real clubs along the way.

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Finding the correct time to suit you can be a frustrating game of email tennis as we bounce back and forward with convenient times, not for us all of our professional’s post their up to dat live schedule online so that you can immediately see who is available and when. Then you can pick your time and send us a message happy that this will only take 1 email to book your session.

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Pricing and Promotions

Every individual section has its own pricing laid out, but we realise many of you like to see the cost of everything all in one neat place, so here is our complete price list.

If we have a special promotion running it will also be listed here as well as our latest news blog

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