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Who Is It For

Student’s, SINGHA Sponsored players and Tour Professional’s

Students (Amateur)

We are open to anyone at any level who is looking for golf coaching.

For practice if you are a current and long term student of any of our coaches we are happy to welcome you to use the facilities when you need to practice. As with everyone using the facilities it is imperative that you maintain the centre code of conduct at all times and use the facilities with respect. Range balls are charged at TC range rates

SINGHA Players

Any player who is sponsored by SINGHA has full rights to use the centre whenever they wish. All golf balls are provided free of charge, with Srixon sponsoring range balls and Titliest, Srixon, TaylorMade and Callaway supporting their players with balls for the wedge and short game area. You also have full access to all of our technology providing it is not being used by the coaching staff or to be sure make prior arrangement with us to use it.
Practice is at the heart of your career and is simply the most important thing you need to take care of, we are here to support you.

Tour Professional’s

Tour professional’s not sponsored by SINGHA can still use the centre for an annual fee, providing that you are a student of ours or you have tour ranking (Asian Tour, All Thailand Tour top 50.) If you are just passing through Bangkok and have ‘major’ tour ranking we are happy to welcome you to use the facilities for practice. We would love to welcome all Tour Professionals to use the facility and we try our best to be flexible, but we also have to protect the facility so our apologies if it is not possible to practice here.