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About Us

SINGHA Elite Golf Performance Centre is the start of our dream.
We dared to dream to get to here, now it is your turn to share your dream with us!

Our Mission

To Make the process of development and improvement a fun and rewarding one. For golfer’s to accept the joy and pain that will come along the way, understanding that this is just the nature of the game we chose to play. Ultimately that golfer’s of all level’s love the ‘game’ for just that, with respect for both their fellow golfer’s and that GOLF will always win. Now the challenge will always be a fun one!

Our Goals

• Create a world class facility for ‘serious golfers’ to practice to compete
• Give players a chance to understand what is required to play at the very highest level
• Give players of all levels the chance to maximise their potential
• Create teams of experts to support golfers in every aspect of performance
• To be part of the development of world class golfers
• To be part of players winning trophies on every major professional tour
• To be part of players winning major tournaments
• To bring the opportunities and understanding of how to train for improvement to all golfers
• To work with every level of golfer to make the game FUN!

Our Philosophy

It is all about practice.
No two golfer’s need the same practice program to maximise their potential, but they do need to understand how to practice efficiently for them to develop and improve.
Our role is simply provide coaching and information that each player can interact with and adapt to how only they know, is best for them. Then we back it up with facilities and opportunity to allow the player to develop.

A new level

“Andrew has taken my golf to another level. Not just from improving my technique but more importantly, in improving my mental approach to the game in practice and on the course. My practice sessions have become more productive by being closer to the experience and pressure of being on the course. I also approach each shot on the course with a more consistent mental routine. We have also made some solid improvements in the fundamentals of my swing.

All in all, the ability to identify what was holding me back physically and mentally as a golfer and providing an individually tailored program to work on these points has been impressive.”
Peter Holmshaw – Student.

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